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Updated 16 February 2009

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Surf Lili
Midget Smith  passed away on August 23, 2008 after a long battle with cancer. 
Midget was one of the few shapers on the planet that could shape a surfboard from a block of foam or balsa. The only shaper I could trust to shape what ever shape I asked of him, even if it might be a bit off the wall. He would work very hard to make it like I wanted it.  He was my shaper and my friend and I can't believe he is gone. I have to believe that there is more to life than the few years we have on this earth, and Midget is probably getting his shaping room together and checking out the waves in his new sphere of influence.
Hang Ten Midget

Because of the passing of Midget, I am re-thinking Jeffrey Dale Surfboards.  I have 4 different shapes that Midget shaped for me and nobody that I trust to duplicate them.   I have been tossing around the idea of machine shaping and digitizing the shapes, but need to do a little more research.   For now, I am not building any more boards until I can find  the best way to duplicate the shapes we have.
If you want to order a board, e-mail me.  

Welcome To Jeffrey Dale  Surfboards

In 1960 Jeff Wilson opened a shop in Santa Ana building surfboards. He was an innovator and soul surfer.  Not finding a suitable Jeff Wilsoncore material for his boards, he created his own system for blowing blanks.  One of Jeff's first shops was acrossDa Boss the street from Poche next to the old donut shop.  He opened a shop at Brookhurst and Orange Ave. in Anaheim in 1963.  Jack Hokenson had a shop there before he sold it to Jeff.  I worked for Jack doing repairs and then for Jeff, when he opened the Anaheim Surf Center.  It was a fun shop.  Surfing is all about having fun.  In 1964 we started the Jeffrey Dale Competition Team.  It was a hoot.  We were on the Tom Malone Surf and Ski TV show during the Watts Riots.  That is a story in itself.  There was a trip to Mexico, K-39 and San Miguel, that was epic.   A few competitions with other teams and and a few contests.   For the most part, we just had  fun.   In 1966  most of the team went to war, and the team broke up.  Jeff quit making boards about 1980, and Jeffrey Dale Surfboards was no more. 
The Come Back
For several years I have been looking for old friends and surf team members on the internet.  After the Vietnam War was over it seemed Some of the  Old Guyslike everyone had gone their own way and disappeared.  I was living in Hawaii and working as a telescope operator on Mauna Kea.  Computer access was available from the beginning of the Internet.  Search engines came in and made hunting for old friends much easier.  In 2001 we tried to get some of the team together at a party at San Onofre.  Nobody showed.   No sooner than we got home, people started coming out of the woodwork.  I guess when it is time, nothing can stop it.  In 2002 we had our first real Reunion and have been having one every year since.  Late summer of 2005, I decided to build a few Jeffrey Dale Surfboards for old team members and friends.   Jeff signed over the Jeffrey Dale name to me so I can produce surfboards legally using the name of Jeffrey Dale Surfboards.  
We specialize in high quality retro style surfboards, using some of the old team shapes as models for our new boards.  On February 8th, 2006, I decided to go full bore and start an online surfshop.   June 2007 I bought a P-30 GMC step van and started converting it to a mobile surf shop.   We are able to keep our prices down, because our overhead is low.  New boards will be available for pick-up at the Koby Swapmeet in the San Diego Sports Arena,  once a month or can be delievered anywhere in Orange or San Diego County for $50.   Check out some of the boards we have made.  Click on the link below.
Keep surfing and have Fun
Da Shop  The Life  Don't shoulder hop
Hang Ten
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Jeffrey Dale Surf Team News
      The latest
Melissa is holding one of our latest retro style boards.  It was shaped by Midget Smith using the latest formula from E-Foam.  It is an 8'0" Poche Model.  We are trying an old style rocker with very little in the tail and  the nose kick starts about 1/4 of the way from the nose.  It should make for a fast paddeling down the line rocket.   Melissa is going to test it and we will report on it in the future.

  Melissa is our first new Team rider in over 40 years.   I don't have any pics of Melissa surfing, but I saw her in 6 to 8 foot surf during that early March swell.   Her good looks arn't her only skills.  (When the surf is good, it's tough to sit on the beach and take pictures.)  Our team isn't going to be required to do Contests.  I personally don't like  contests.  I want them to have fun and surf their brains out.  With the old team, that wasn't to hard to do.  This kid is smart.  Melissa is a Registered Nurse.

John's new project board

The photos  are of John's new project board.  It is a redwood plank that will become a replica of acient hawaiian alaia or olo boards.  He is going to ride it this summer and is going to be , like all boards John makes a work of art and function.  I would like to give it a shot also.  


 John doesn't do anything  half way.  This board is going to be beautiful

Top Shape
Melissa and 8' Poche
The Team
The Team circa 1965
In front of the old shop
Dennis Cowin and friend with their new boards

The olden days at Rincon
Jim Pomeroy, Don Hart
 and Dennis Bowen at Rincon 1963

The end of a great day

San Onofre Sunset
K-39K-39 Crowds

Da Kine

Working hard
The Master at work

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