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I Have Change the format of this page.  It was getting too cumbersome.  What I am going to do now is break it down into pages.  If you send a bunch of photos, I will pic one to thumbnail and put them all on your own page.  Just click on the thumbnail to view that page.  Photo's can be sent to me by e:mail or to:
Jim Pomeroy
P.O. Box 185
Minersville, Utah 84752

Dennis Cowen's Album
doho73Jim Pomeroy's Album

Jeff about 1965

Some of the mob


                                                                                               Terry Peek 1971                      New Board for Dave Douglas

Terry Peek made a trip to see Jeff over the 4th of July.
Too bad Jeff can't make it to his years reunion.   We will have
to send him the movie version.

Up dated 15 March 2002

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