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Jeffrey Dale Competition
Surf Team

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Jeffs Team

 Jeffrey Dale Competition Team 1965
Top two guys with shades:  Terry Peek, Dave Douglas
Middle Row:  Don Hart, Dave Kelly, Carl Schmitt, Jonelle Fielder, Jim Harper, Don't Know
Bottom two guys:  Jim Pomeroy, Ray Alger

The team picture was taken by a guy named Bill Sawyer or Jeff Wilson.  Jeff was the owner of Jeffrey Dale Surfboards.  I have located Jeff.  He is living in Florida and will be updating our album page soon with a bunch of new old pic's.  Still looking for Dave Kelly and Jim Harper,Ray Alger, among others.  There are several others that I can't remember right now, but if anyone knows the where-abouts of anyone that surfed Brookhurst St., River Jetties, Poche, SanO, or hung out at the Anaheim Surf Center in around 1965, please e-mail me.
The Team
The Team 2003
Top Row:  Jim Pomeroy, Terry Peek, Dennis Bowen
Middle Row:  Jonelle Fielder Ord, Don Hart, Dave Douglas
Bottom Row:  Danny Ventura, Dave Toad Talmage
Every one of us are in our 50's going on 19.

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Jeffrey Dale Competition Surf Team
Old Surfers, Family and Friends Reunion

This years contest will be held on June 23.  The party is going to be at Doheny in one of the covered picnic areas.  So far it's going to be potluck of some kind, but that can change.  We have a band that has said they will play for tips.  They are a bunch of old Rock and Roll stars from Utah and will fit in with a bunch of old surfers.  This year is shaping up to be the biggest yet.  We will be camping at San Mateo again in camp site 151 and 152 starting June 18th.  The surf is scheduled to be 4 to 6 with light offshore in the morning and glassy afternoons. 

We will be presenting Dave Douglas with the first
Dave's New BoardJeffrey Dale surfboard to come off the line in 20 years?  I don't know when the last one was made, but this one is a real classic.  It is hanging in my living room right now and I am becoming very attached to it.
There might be an event this year that will not go unnoticed.  I hope it isn't a felony.  Sally and I have agreed to a weight reduction program.  We will reach our target weight by June 23rd.  If the weight isn't reached,  we paddle out at Old Mans at San O wearing a thong.  If that isn't motivation I don't know what is.  My target weight is 210.  It's been a while. 

There should be a pretty good crowd this year.  Jeffrey Dale Surfboards is starting up and we will be seeing a few of those in the water.  We are trying to get Jeff to come out.  He doesn't like travel, but maybe...  If anyone has any suggestions let me know.  The date is pretty much written in stone. 

Jim Pomeroy
P.O. Box 185
Minersville, Ut. 84752

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New Feature
These film clips are part of a future movie.  Some of them are recent, many of them are old 8mm.  Just click on the pic.  They are usually about a 2 Meg file.  Sorry if you are on a modem.

Paul Strauch, still hot.            Dirty Ol Man Douglas
Paul Strauch on the left and Dave DOM (dirty ol man) Douglas on the right

Grunion clip                      El Capitan Clip
John Warrens Grunion feast          El Capitan about 1973

Huntington Pier 1969                Rincon December 1969
Huntington Pier Nov. 1969       Rincon December 1969

Old Feature.
I am going to try to put a couple of new Photo's here every month.  That might get me to update this beast a little more often.  If you have any pictures of the golden olden days or when ever, send them to me.


Nice section
This is a guy named Erwin I met at San Onofre last month.  Hot surfer.

2002 37th Annual Reunion Page
2003 38th Annual Reunion Page
2004 39th Annual Reunion Page
2005 40th Annual Reunion Page

Photos from 2003 reunion
Hang Ten

 JD Team Photo Album (click here to go there)

I am putting pictures that you send in on this page.  I hope to get both new pictures and pics of the good ol days.  I am digging through boxes of old stuff and am getting ready to fire up my scanner.  If you have pics but no way to stuff them into your computer, send them to me and I will diddle them and send your pic back.
JD Team
P.O. Box 185
Minersville, Utah

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Dave T    Dave T
Dave Talmage's quiver
 Anyone that surfs with the sharks and cold water in Cayucus  is hard-core.

Jeff Benintendi's photo page.
This is a new feature I am trying out.  Jeff is a great young photographer and his photo's are worth a look.  You can purchase copies by e-mailing Jeff from his page.
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The Jeffrey Dale Competition Team 2002 Reunion -The Movie
Critics Corner
How to get a copy

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Da Boyz  Flipping the toe  Carls new board
Remember those days?

Tahiti in a Towel!


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