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My name is Jim Pomeroy. I am an old surfer. I feel like I am in an AA meeting saying that, although I don't plan on quitting any time soon. In 1980 we moved to Opihikao Hawaii, on the Puna side of the Big Island.  The surf there was great.  Spots like Drain Pipe, Left Point and Kaimu were consistant and uncrowded.  To make a long painful story short, Pele took those great spots away.  The last time I surfed Left Point, the water was over 100 degrees and the water was full of dead fish, with sharks up the waazoo just a few yards outside. 

I surf on a new 10' 6" Jeffrey Dale.  It has 3 red cedar stringers and is the same shape as my old team board.  5 Stringer ReplicaMy first wave on it was amazing.  It felt just like old times.    I made a 10'4" with 5 stringers that is almost an exact replica of my old team board and it hangs on my wall.  It will get ridden when I become an old skinny surfdude.  I have cranked up Jeffrey Dale Surfboards again, and you can click on the link to go to the JD Shop Page.  Poche ModelOur boards are mostly retro style and look like they came out of the 60's.  There is less rocker and a double glassed decks.  Boards today have way too much rocker.  You can get more info and contact info from the page. 

In my youth I surfed for Jeffery Dale Competition Team. Our group surfed Brookhurst St. or the River Jetties in Huntington Beach. Some of us moved to Newport Beach and surfed Blackies. We lived on 24th st. near the pier. What a time.  Back then we surfed for fun and it didn't matter what you were riding, as long as you were in the ocean.  I love fishing, diving, bodysurfing, board surfing, or just sitting in the water at sunset.   I started writing a story about it below, ' Summer of 66'.

.  If there are any team members out there I would really like to hear from you.   Most of you won't believe this, but I moved my family to Utah, that's right, Utah, from Hawaii.  I really miss the instant access to the ocean, but it was a good move for my family.  Don't get to surf as often, but still get out at SanO once a month.  I am semi retired with just the surfshop to supplement.   I should have done this 40 years ago.   We are only 7 hours from Dana Point.  I can leave in the morning and catch the afternoon glass at Trestles the same day.  I can also go out in the woods and slay small animals and eat them, with out any harassment.  I like to fish too and have some great lakes and streams just minutes from my house.

Jeffrey Dale Surf Team circa 1965

This is a photo of the Jeffery Dale Competition Team, circa 1965. This photo was taken just south of the old Dana Point Pier.   E-Mail Me.

RIP BROAloha Kevin Old TeamDana Point  37  Years together Washoes Nicenice too

Got any good surf storys, pics or new spots?

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Hot and Glassy

Summer of 66

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